About Me

This blog is dedicated to detailing my travels both domestic and international. My implies a me or I, and well you may be asking: “Who are you?”

Good question!

My name is Paul and I am a born and raised South Jersey boy who is probably best described as that one kid you grew up with who asked questions about just every single thing in the world. I love to learn and I love finding out what I don’t know, even if that can be incredibly terrifying!  All of this would explain my love of philosophy (and major in it haha). I think that that the best way to grow is to challenge yourself, your world views, and even challenge and engage yourself in the world views of others. Part of my excitement in traveling is meeting new people with different outlooks and learning more about them but also about myself!

I also have an extreme passion for writing/reading also (which is why this blog exists). Some of the things I love to write include short stories, poetry, screenplays, etc. I cannot promise too much out of this blog, but I am hoping to capture some fun, wacky, emotional, dramatic….(hmmm how many more adjectives can I  fit?) stories, experiences and thoughts.

Of course my personality does not stop here or is limited to it, but I think this will do for an about me section! I hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to contact me!